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Top Food Trucks In L.A.

Los Angeles is a lively city with tons of excitement, culture and good food. If you’re in a hurry and need a quick bite or a late night snack, LA is full of on the go options. Food trucks have swept the nation for creative cooks from all over to share their works of (food) art with everyone. We’ve rounded up some of the top food trucks in L.A. Must Try Food Trucks In L.A. Guerrilla Tacos The west coast is known for tacos and if you’re new to the food truck scene you might think ...

Top NYC Foods To Try

Whether you live in New York City or going for a visit, there are so many places to eat you’d never get to them all. NYC is a food lovers paradise but sometimes it’s easy to eat at your favorite restaurant or familiar places you’ve been. However, there are so many options, don’t miss out on all these amazing places to eat and foods to try! These are the top NYC foods to try! Popular NYC Foods To Try Bagels Breakfast is the most important part of the day. If you’re in NYC you need ...

3 Ways To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs by Jamie Oliver

Scrambled eggs can be hard to get right so Jamie's done a little video to give you a helping hand. There's three variations on this simple dish - English, French and American. All different. All tasty.

10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips by Gordon Ramsay

Here are 10 surprisingly useful (and sometimes unconventional) cooking tips to make life easier for you in the kitchen. Learn useful skills such as how to ripen fruit quickly, cut herbs perfectly or get rid of chilli from your finger, plus many more! And don't forget to download EatOpine App to see amazing dish photos, join our community!