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Top 5 Recipes For Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest eating holidays there is. Family and friends come together to celebrate and what brings them all together is sitting around the dinner table sharing a meal together. We’re pretty sure most of you slaved over the stove this week prepping for the big day. There’s so much thought, shopping, peeling, dicing, and baking that goes into just one day. Leftovers are sure to be wrapped up and stored in the fridge. If you’re looking for way to reinvent your holiday ...

The Best Italian Restaurants In Chicago

Italian food is a popular favorite in the “foodie” world. Who doesn’t love a good sauce, fresh pizza, garlic bread and meatballs? Just to name a few. Italian food is more then just about the food but the feeling. It’s about eating good food with the people you love. Sharing a meal over good conversation and enjoying the simplicity of good flavors. You may not think of Chicago for it’s underground foodie restaurants, but it’s actually got quite a selection. These are the best Italian ...

Strawberry Dessert

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of berries? This summery dessert can be enjoyed year-round with fresh or frozen strawberries.

Pappardelle with Bolognese Sauce

If you have had a delicious Pappardelle with Bolognese Sauce recently and would like to create the meal at home, then we have the perfect, easy recipe that is even great if made the day before.

Beef Tartare

A Beef Tartare Dish isn’t a recipe that one might make for dinner every night of the week but, if you are a connoisseur of Italian Cuisine and are looking for something rich in flavor and will excite the taste buds then you will definitely want to give this recipe a try!

Quick ‘N Easy Bran Muffins

These wholesome muffins are studded with raisins, walnuts, and the comforting taste of apples and brown sugar.

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

We could eat it every day and never get tired of it! Always a favorite.

Green Bean and Bacon Bundles

Glam up your vegetables! Wrapping beans in bacon makes this dish irresistible - even to the pickiest eaters in your family.