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The Social App for Foodies

Everyone loves social apps. The screaming success of stalwarts Facebook and Twitter that are now the grandparents of social apps and still growing strong bear witness to this. Everyday new apps surface. Some are survivors and others simply don’t catch on. Even the big names in the business of online apps and accessibility have to drop a few developments before they get it right with the social app scene. A good example is where Google had to drop Buzz and despite many efforts to duplicate ...

[Video] Introduction to EatOpine App

A Video Introduction to the App. Discover how EatOpine works and how can help you to find the best dishes in your city! Want to be part of the community? Start uploading dish pictures!

Eatopine is on Air!

Eatopine is new and innovative food social app for foodies. This new app changes the way of searching for new restaurants by sharing users' culinary experiences. Take a picture of the dish that you ordered, rate it and share it in our community! You can easily become a famous foodie and help other users to find the best dishes too! Take a picture, Taste the dish and Rate it! Three simple steps to enjoy our great community. Eatopine helps you to select the best restaurant that cooks ...